What Sold On eBay [Top 14 Categories] – First Half of September 2017

We like hearing what other sellers have sold on eBay so we can get a sense of what to look out for when sourcing inventory to sell on eBay. So, we have put together the top 50+ items that have sold on eBay in our store, The UnBirthday Shoppe. Here’s a look at 14 different categories and 50+ actual items that sold on eBay.


LulaRoe continues to be consistent. We like to score our LulaRoe skirts, shirts, and dresses for less than $10, preferably less than $5, but will on occassion pay upwards to $15 if the sold comps have high margins, for example will pay $15 for a nice LulaRoe dress that can flip for $45-60. Otherwise, close to $5 source cost is reasonable as most LulaRoe clothing items such as leggings, skirts, tops, and dresses sell around $20. eBay sourcing guidance places most LulaRoe types at 50% or more at $20 or less, so don’t get everything Lularoe, check comps first. However, it is a great opportunity as there is an abundance available at most Thrift Stores. We always find at least 1 LulaRoe item every thrift store visit. So far in Sep 2017 we have sold 3 LulaRoe items: a dress, a tee, and leggings. Each of these LulaRoe items we were able to source for $3 or less giving us a $12 profit average per item after fees, shipping, etc. LulaRoe is a steady bread and butter item. We always try to pick up when possible however, careful on not spending too much as most items are only worth about $20.00. Always check comps. The next category of profitable items that we sold on eBay were Nintendo games.

Nintendo Games

Video games are definitely popular and both the older growing Gen X early adopters of video games and Gen Y and Millenials especially love “retro” and “vintage”. We acquired a large collection of vintage video games for a rediculous price of $6 at Goodwill! Yes, that is unusual as most Goodwills will have high individual prices for video games but we lucked out on this haul. Out of the 20 games we acquired we have sold 3 individual titles and 1 lot of 5. We got lucky on a source cost of $.30 cents per game, so nice profit margin percentages this time. Usually, you’ll find vintage video games at a cost of $5, so depending on the title, check your comps first before sourcing. Best sourcing is done when you can buy out someones collection for well under $5 per game title. Here’s what we sold and average profit of around $8 per game. One of the lots sold for $20 for 5 games. Nintendo games are a well known brand and they were really the video games that truly kicked off the video game industry and has made it become what it is now. Game cartridges will sell anywhere from $10-40 for the old 80s and 90s NES & SNES (Nintendo Entertainment System & Super Nintendo Entertainment System). The portable Nintendo DS games sell for around $5-30 also depending on title. BOLOs (Be on the Look Out) for anything Mario or Zelda as they typically will sell for more. Our next category is Lego.


Lego sets, lego minifigures, lego pieces, lego bricks, loose lego, bulk lego, most anything Lego will sell on eBay. Recently we sorted by color into 1 and 2 lb lots. We did an auction starting at $9.99 for our 1 lb lots and $16.99 for our 2 lb lots. Each lot had shipping charges of $5.96 and $7.96 respectively. All but 2 auctions closed with sales for the starting bids which we were okay with. We’ve bought so much bulk Lego that is lying around that anything we clear will just make room for more inventory. We source bulk Lego pieces for $3.00/lb or less and start with $15/lb for Buy-it-Now and decrease over time and for larger lots. It is competitive to sell Lego on eBay but they will always sell. Just make sure you don’t pay too much for Lego sets or bulk loose pieces. Lately, we’ve been noticing big bags of loose Lego pieces at many Goodwills from $20-100. Wait for clearance days. No reseller is buying at those prices. It doesn’t hurt to talk to the manager either. Be nice and friendly and see if they can lower the price. We’ve been successful a couple times but do get turned down often. Store managers believe that someone will pay the higher prices. Anytime you can find minifigures in Lego lots you can expect $2/minifigure sold in generic lots and for more recognizable and desirable minifigures $10+ preimiums per figure. Retail  arbritrage is another excellent way to acquire Lego sets. Check your local stores that carry Lego products such as Walmart, Target, grocery stores, etc. They regularly clear toy items and you can often snag brand new Lego sets for 70% off! We’ve found that brand new sealed sets aren’t worth reselling on eBay unless you can at least get 50% off retail price, so do your homework! Here’s some pics of all the Lego transactions this month. We sold 10lbs via auction to one person for a total of $90 + $50 shipping, so an average of $14/lb! We bought Iron Man set for $7 and Flipped for $35 and finally a unique lot of Lego Elves dragon pieces best offer of $20 + $7 shipping 1 lb lot. Lego pieces and Lego sets are excellent to sell on eBay and can be quite profitable. Always be on the look out for Lego and try to never  spend any more than 50% off brand new retail or no more than $3 per lb for bulk loose mixed Lego lots. Good luck! Our next category is Monster High Dolls and Monster High doll accessories, clothing, etc.

Monster High Dolls

We sell quite a bit of monster high dolls, accessories and clothing. Just this first half of the month so far we’ve sold over 10 monster high lots. As you can see, we typically bundle the dolls together except for unique or rare dolls which we will sell individually. We source all of our dolls for no more than $1 each doll and we don’t mind if they aren’t fully intact. Monster high doll parts, clothing, and accessories sell really well! Our average lot sales price is $21 and average profit per lot transaction is $14 after shipping, fees, and sourcing costs. Sometimes, you just pick up 1 or 2 dolls at a thrift store but if you regularly visit a few each day you’ll have plenty of lots to put together. We find these dolls everyday. However, we don’t recommend paying more than $1 per doll. It is relatively easy to sell but it can be competitive for new dolls as the market is saturated. Selling the dolls nude works best for us as our clients are typically buying parts for their doll collection, repairing, or artists that are doing doll re-design, which is using the dolls body style and painting new face, eyes, custom work, hair, and accessories for a total custom doll make over. People on eBay actually buy these unique one of a kind custom dolls. If you are crafty and artistic, you might want to consider doll re-design for another stream of income. These dolls sell ridiculously high!

P-90X Work Out DVD Collection

I admit to not completing a full disc of these work-outs. Same goes for the Insanity workout DVDs. They are great workouts, but they are WORK OUTS! I start sweating before I even put in the DVD in anticipation of sucking wind! Anyways, these workout dvds are in high demand and they are great quality and highly motivating. The nice thing though is there are few who can actually hack it and sustain these workouts on a regular basis so instead they collect dust and eventually make their way to the donation pile at your favorite thrift store. Did I mention these workouts are intense? They are not for the feint of heart! We like selling them complete but I believe I have seen individual disc replacements successfully sell. Picked this up for $2.50 and quickly flipped in less than a week for $30 for a nice profit of $21. We’ve found these DVDs in the CD section, VHS section, DVD section, and exercise/sports equipment section so be sure to check each of those areas.

Company Branded Products, Accessories & Memorabilia

What you want to look for in this category are items that could be clothing, accessories, or memorabilia from recognizable organizations that don’t normally make these items. For example: Pepsi & Coke are world-wide recognized brands. What do they sell? Soda, right? Well there is so much memorabilia out there and clothing products with the Coke and Pepsi brand and people love to buy it. Recently, we bought a gym bag for $5 that had the Pan Am logo on it (Pan American Airways) which that airline went defunct back in 1991, and flipped it for a best offer of $65. A nice $45 profit. Take a look at Disney. They do so well in this category and they are known for animation, movies, entertainment and theme parks. But they sell a heck of a lot of other products, clothing, collectible items, etc. The profit can get bigger when you source items of company branded memorabilia when it’s a famous company but no longer in business. Case in point, Pan Am was such an American icon that most folks still recognize it and pay up nicely for any memorabilia stuff. BOLO for any and all company branded items, especially clothing, accessories, collectibles, and memorabilia.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is 40 days away. Do you have inventory? Always check Halloween costumes. It does take some patience sorting through all the junk but getting to the gems is a lot of fun! Our average sales price for Halloween costumes is $25 and average profit is $15. Best to ship these for cheap rates usually 1st class neatly folded in a liner and placed in a poly-mailer. Unless it is over a 1lb we recommend free shipping, otherwise we charge by buyer’s location because you will undoubtedly sell it to a buyer at the furthest reaches of the domestic U.S. and it will eat up your profits, so definitely charge shipping for costumes over 1 lb. What to source? We love Disney costumes but in particular official Disney Parks and official Disney Store costumes. We do find a fair amount of new with tags. Our average source cost is $5 but will pay up if it is new with tags, rare, or specifically Disney Parks. We’ve paid as high as $15 to flip one costume for $80. Checking comps is helpful but for Halloween costumes it most times comes to gut feeling because it is mostly seasonal unless you are sourcing costumes that work well during comic-con convention season. So, what works for us is Disney and one other brand sells fairly well is Wishcraft, which is a higher end costume design. We stay away from the new with tag costumes that you find in your seasonal costume stores that are only open for 60 days. There is so much saturation of those costumes. However, if your sourcing price is low and comps are good, go for it.

Vintage Chess Pieces

This is our third time sourcing these vintage chess pieces. These particular pieces are from 1962 designed by Peter Ganine in a gothic style. These are sculpted molds from plastic and sell regularly. Complete set of pieces goes for decent money otherwise we find selling each piece individually gets higher margins. To provide incentive, provide discounts for multi-quantity. So far this month we have sold 8 of the 14 we scored at a thrift store. We got the whole lot pieces for $1 for a mere $.07 each piece. Each piece sold for $8 each for $6 profit each piece. We stand to make $84 from a $1 purchase and have already made $64 profit from the 8 pieces we have sold.

Wooden Toys

High quality wooden toys are an excellent item to sell on eBay. Wooden train tracks are great if you get them at a good price. But, check this item out that we sold. It is a wooden, magnetic ice cream cart. The toy is amazing. There wasn’t any manufacturer or brand that was identifiable except for the Asian characters written on the top. We had no idea what it says (hopefully nothing offensive) but the quality was really nice and for $3 it was worth trying out. We priced it really high at $90 and had several low ball offers but settled on an offer that was half at $46 + shipping. So, still not a bad sale at all and took less than 60 days to sell, so pretty decent to get $30 profit. When sourcing wooden toys, the look and feel of the wood should indicate quality, feel durable and strong, not light weight. If the item has paint be sure the paint is evenly distributed and looks nice and neat. This ice cream cart is a perfect example of even though it is not brand name, if it looks quality, feels quality, and is a wooden toy, chances are it will sell for a good profit!

American Girl & Pleasant Company

You might not always find an American Girl doll but it is easier than you think to regularly find American Girl clothes, accessories, furniture, etc. However, recently, we did come across an American Girl doll (Kirsten). Originally, Pleasant Company is the one that manufactured the American Girl dolls until 1998 when the owner sold the company to Mattel. The Pleasant Company name continues to operate under Mattel but is legally known as American Girl. Most American Girl dolls will have the name “American Girl” stamped on the back of their neck, but older dolls might only have “Pleasant Company”.  See pic on the left here. This recent one we sold wasn’t in the greatest condition and only sold for $44, but her outfit sold for $20, for a total of $40 profit, paid $10 for the doll with clothing. We often find the clothing without the doll in thrift stores. Usually they are combined with other doll clothing such as Barbie, Build-A-Bear, and other 18″ doll brands such as Battat, Madame Alexander, etc. We’ve found about a half dozen American Girl dolls over the years at thrift stores. We recommend getting the American Girl catalog directly from the company if you aren’t familiar with the dolls and accessories. They continue to be a beloved doll among all girls everywhere and sell for great amounts. Dolls are typically $100+ in good condition so if you find one in good shape it might be okay to pay up to $25. Always double check your comps for pricing.

Interactive Plush Toys

Interactive toys is too broad of a subject to cover and could be it’s own article, but let’s focus on “Plush Interactive“. Plush toys are all over the place to worthless Beanie toys that we once ridiculously overpriced to $100+ items. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the treasure from the junk especially when sorting through large quantities, long shelves, and stacks and stacks of plush toys in bins. But when you get something that looks a little different, is a little heavier because of the internal structure and electronics and audio box on the inside, take a double look and look up comps. There isn’t one particular to always be on the look out for but anything unusual especially if it moves, talks, or both. The example above is a Hasbro FurReal Friend My Giggly Monkey. It’s both cute and hideous! And because it was weird and different I looked up comps. It was consistently getting around $30+. For $2.99 and the 20% off Goodwill discount, yes please! It sold in less than 30 days for only $2 dollars less than asking price at $31 best offer and they paid for shipping, WOW! What a great $25 profit on a plush interactive toy!


People love puzzles. It’s an excellent downtime activity or waking up from a Sunday nap. It’s challenging but relaxing and it’s for everyone. Also, a great family activity. Now, before you go out and buy up all the puzzles out there, we recommend only spending your time sourcing new in package puzzles. Yes, opened puzzles do sell, but only if they are complete and you have to verify all the pieces are there which is time consuming. We’ve been successful selling used puzzles but realized they just weren’t worth our time. Instead, we just focus on new in package and sealed puzzles. They are easy to spot in their original packaging so just scan that area of the thrift store quickly each time you visit. We sourced these two puzzles for $2 each and just look at for what they sold! Most puzzles sell between the $10-20 range but unique prints, rare puzzles, vintage new in box, and Brands like Educa will go for more. One caveat for new in package is we usually don’t bother with the kids puzzles of 250 pieces or less because there isn’t much profit to be had, even if you get it for free. For example the over saturated Disney & Marvel kids puzzles aren’t worth your time, but if you find vintage kids puzzles new in box then definitely get it.

Hopefully, this has been a helpful article to provide some ideas on what to sell on eBay. Only two of the categories above were clothing items so we hope it will help add more categories to your wheelhouse of consideration if you are a clothes only store. There is profit to be had in every category, you just need a little bit of knowledge of what to look for.