Terra Mystica Board Game Review

We are huge fans of strategy, euro, resource development games. We recently acquired Terra Mystica and instantly loved the grandeur of the game. There is so much going on at all times. I did have to watch a few YouTube videos to get started. We played with 4 people and it took about 3 hours for our first game. It was exhausting but satisfying. I love the action of terraforming and with 14 factions/races to choose from and 7 different lands/biomes, the variety is vast. The board is visually stunning and the amount of tokens, punch outs, meeples, etc can be overwhelming. However, the gameplay is deep, intricate, and while I immensely enjoy and am a big fan of Catan, the bonus aspect of Terra Mystica is luck and randomness are all but essentially removed from the game. Thus, making the gameplay truly strategic and you can only blame yourself for losing and of course take all the glory for winning without any guilt, you earned it! We picked up this game from Amazon and it is well worth the $80. We will definitely be playing this game more often in our weekly game nights with friends. Highly recommended!