TCG Singles on eBay – Star Wars Destiny Director Krennic Cards sold for $35

CCG Collectible Card Games OR TCG Trading Card Games sell very well on eBay. Why not sell your duplicate or excess cards? Recently I got into Star Wars Destiny, a new TCG released last year, similar to Magic The Gathering and Pokemon but with dice mechanics. Amazing game! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play much so now I’m just focusing on completing the collection instead of building competitive decks. I had 2 extra Director Krennic cards so I put them up on eBay for $34.94 with Best Offer and it sold for the Buy-It-Now Price! These packs were only $2.99 a piece and I was fortunate to get a booster box of 36 packs for $100, so my per pack price was $2.78 per pack. There are 5 cards per pack so these two cards cost me $.55 each. There’s a whole industry thriving on crackin’ or breakin’ or “unboxing” booster boxes of TCG products and then selling the single money cards. For me, I like playing Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, and Star Wars Destiny, so I normally buy products for personal use and entertainment. As a way to supplement the habit or to keep maintaining the fun, I sell off my excess. I don’t compete in major tournaments so I’m not keeping all my super rare, legendary, mythic, or whatever unique cards for myself to win. I’m just a casual player so I don’t need to keep those for myself. Sell off the money cards and use that money to play another day! Consider TCG products as an opportunity to sell on eBay. Money cards often sell quick and for good profit! Look at recently sold on eBay for TCG products. Here’s our most recent eBay sale of Star Wars Destiny cards, see below.

Star Wars Destiny Director Krennic
Star Wars Destiny Director Krennic
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