How to Make Money on eBay Part-time [$1,000 per month profit]

Sell What You Have

Looking for a way to make some extra money? It’s easy to make money on eBay part-time! Simply create an account at to get started. What to sell? Start with what you got. Whatever is lying around at the apartment, house, garage, etc. Instead of a garage sale, do a virtual garage sale on eBay! That cute kid of yours that is now 5 years old but you kept their baby clothes…instead of selling it a garage sale for $.50 per item, you may just find out those items sell for $15-25+. Upgraded your video game system? Sell your old video games! Got shelves of books, sell those too! Shoes, clothes, toys, video games, board games, garage tools, kitchen gadgets, the categories to sell in are unlimited! So after you get your start selling what you have on hand, now what? What do you sell and how can you make $1,000 each month part-time?

Thrift Baby!

The easiest way to start sourcing products is to go to Thrift stores such as Goodwill. Check your local area. Search for “Goodwill” or “Thrift Store”. Go shopping! Buy things cheap and flip on eBay for a profit. It’s a low risk, low cost way to start to make money on eBay part-time. Some examples:

  1. Toys – Buy a toy for $1 or $2 and flip it for $10-20
  2. Clothes – Buy $5-10 Jeans and sell them for $25-35.
  3. Books – Takes getting used to but once your discerning eyes know what to look for buy books for $.50-$1.00 and sell them for $10 and get lucky more often than you think with a $.50 purchase and turn it into $50.00!
  4. Shoes – Used shoes are hot, especially Nike, Adidas, and all the big name brands. Spend $10-20 at the thrift store and flip for $50-100.
  5. Linens – $5-10 for some nice bedding or sheets and flip some Pottery Barn for $75-$100.
  6. Electronics – Vintage electronics, new electronics, cords, radios, stereos. So much from which to choose. LP Players, Vinyl Record Players are in high demand and sell easily for several $100s. Buy those types of electronics for as low as $10 at a thrift store.

Check Comps – Will it Sell?

There are so many options. The key is to know what sells and it’s easy to check on eBay. Type in the item you want to purchase in the eBay search. Let’s try: “Nike Air More Uptempo Scottie Pippen Black Size 9” You see a bunch of them listed for $200+, the same exact pair you have in your hand at goodwill for $49.99 and it’s half off day! You get excited, but don’t buy them just yet. Check the comps! After you searched for your item, now filter your search to “completed listings”. Check the box and scroll through the completed listings for those that sold, which is indicated by the $ GREEN $ sale price. If you see at least a few then you can be fairly certain that yours will sell too. Just look at the frequency and the final sales price to get an idea of how quickly it will sell and for how much. In this example, I found several completed listings of this shoe that sold for over $200. Easy money! I pay my Goodwill $25 for my good pair of excellent used condition Scottie Pippens and then I list them on eBay for $224.97.

What We Do

We work about 15 hours a week and make money on eBay part-time. We list about 50 items per week, sell a little over 100 items each month, average about $1,800 in revenue, average sales price is about $16-20 per item, and net profit after sourcing costs, eBay fees, and PayPal fees, is about $1,000 per month. It’s a nice side hustle. Pays occasional bills, vacations, and money to keep putting back into the business. Here’s our totals to date since we started about 5 years ago. We have averaged $37K each year, however, our first year we did $80K because of Bryan’s gold & silver bullion selling, but there wasn’t much margin in that game.

That only lasted six months, so we’ve been doing the thrifting gig for about 4 1/2 years now. It’s closer to about $25K revenue each year, working part-time, 15 hours a week, nets us a profit a little over $1,000.00 each month!

Make money thrifting and selling on eBay is a great part-time income. It’s relatively low risk, easy to do, and you can make it work around your schedule. We manage to do it while working full-time jobs, with 3 active kids, and busy personal schedules, you can do it too!


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