Adventures in Goodwill Hunting – Finding Lost Treasure

Adventures in Goodwill Hunting

Lost Treasure by Parker Brothers

Thrifting & Hunting at Goodwill thrift stores is always an adventure. The goal is to discover hidden gems and treasure. We love to source interesting board games from thrift stores for our eBay Store. We scored this “Lost Treasure” at Goodwill. This vintage board game is from 1982 published by Parker Brothers. The game play features electronic nautical exploration. You are a sea diver in search of lost treasure. There are multiple treasure locations scattered throughout the vast ocean depths. The electronic control center simulates dives and assists you in locating treasure. To win, be the first to earn $1,000,000 dollars, moowhaa haa haa!

Lost Treasure

Product Features

  • 4 playing pieces – The diver’s boats.
  • 4 gold buoys, 4 silver buoys – When you move them according to the direction indicator, you’ll get closer to an exact treasure location.
  • 2 dice – Roll them to move into a treasure location — and to pirate an opponent.
  • 16 treasure chests – Sail to port to cash them in. But beware of pirates!
  • a stack of money — $1,000,000 wins the game.
  • game board – An ocean map with islands, ports, and 64 treasure locations.
  • Electronic Dive Control Center – complete with direction indicator, dive simulator and treasure values.
  • Required, but not included, is one 9-volt battery.

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